Massachusetts Auto Accidents and No-Fault Benefits

Massachusetts has a no-fault insurance regime.  No-fault means that lost wages and medical bills will be paid regardless of who was at fault for the Massachusetts car accident.  If the accident was your fault, your Massachusetts automobile insurance policy dictates that your insurance company must pay for your "reasonable" medical expenses, as well as your lost wages.  You will be paid, by your insurance company, 75% of the lost wages you incurred after the Massachusetts auto accident.  This also applies to those that are self-employed.

These no-fault benefits apply to three classes of persons:

1.  The named insured;

2.  Members of the insured’s household (family members) who operated the car at the time of the accident and;

3.  Any authorized operator of the insured vehicle.

It is important that you submit your medical bills and lost wages to the insurance company as soon as possible, because there are certain time limits in which you may claim no-fault benefits.

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