Massachusetts Workers Compensation Settlements

For those unfamiliar with the process, a Massachusetts workers compensation claim can be very confusing.  You likely have many questions.  A familiar question is: Will my case settle?  How much will it settle for?  How does the case settle?

As a Massachusetts workers compensation law firm, we get asked these questions quite a bit.  Many factors comes play with Massachusetts workers compensation settlements.

Massachusetts workers compensation settlements

The Amount of the Workers Compensation Settlement

Massachusetts workers compensation law is designed as a wage replacement for Massachusetts workers that are injured on the job and are unable to work.

If you are collecting workers compensation checks, it may make sense to settle the case.  Your average weekly wage is what determines the amount of an eventual lump sum settlement.  This amount is based off of the amount of money you grossed for a 52-week period prior to the work accident.

The settlement is also largely influenced by whether you are totally disabled form working, or partially disabled from working.  That determination is made by your doctors and is reflected in your medical records.

The Process for Massachusetts Workers Compensation Settlements

Once the lump sum has been reached, you and your workers comp attorney will need to go to the Department of Industrial Accidents to have the settlement approved.  Your attorney will prepare all necessary paperwork for the lump sum agreement.  Then, you and your attorney, plus the attorney from the workers compensation insurance company, will present the settlement to an administrative law judge at the Department of Industrial Accidents.

If the judge approves the settlement agreement, it will be stamped and the settlement will be official.  You will receive your settlement check within two weeks of the date the settlement was stamped.

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