Massachusetts Workers’ Compensation Laws Help Injured Workers

People that get injured during the course and scope of employment in Massachusetts may collect workers’ compensation benefits. The laws that control these benefits are found at MGL c. 152.

By law, if you are injured at work may collect payment for your lost time from work, for your medical bills, and for any loss of function, as well as any scarring you experience.  The great thing about Massachusetts workers’ compensation is that regardless of how the injury occurred, the injured worker can collect these benefits, even if he was at fault for causing the accident.

This is in marked contrast to auto accidents as well as slip and fall cases which require the injured victim to show he was not at-fault for causing the accident.  Those cases permit the filing of a lawsuit against a negligent party, whereas workers’ comp law does not allow for the filing of lawsuits against employers for on-the-job injuries.

Many times when workers attempt to collect workers’ comp their valid claims are denied by insurance companies.  If that happens with your case, you can hire a workers’ compensation lawyer to file a claim for you at the Department of Industrial Accidents which hears and decides these disputes.  If you have a valid case that is denied by an insurance company, then there is a good chance you will prevail at the Department of Industrial Acccidents.

After all, these benefits were enacted into law in order to provide legal protection to injured workers.  This is fair and allows injured workers to collect these benefits without needing to sue the employer.

A Workers Compensation Attorney Can Help

If you had an injury at work and feel confused about the process, then I encourage you to contact the Law Office of Christopher Earley today for your free case review.  These cases can be complicated and it pays to have an experienced Boston work injury lawyer on your side.