Massachusetts Workers Compensation FAQs

As part of my workers comp practice in Boston, I come across some common questions from clients.  While there are many, many questions that can arise out of a work injury, I attempt below to offer some answers below to some questions we receive from time to time.

Massachusetts workers compensation faqs

Can I Collect Workers Compensation If I Receive Cash?

Yes.  Those that are paid only with cash may collect workers compensation benefits.

Am I Eligible for Workers Compensation If I Only Work Part-Time?

Yes.  Workers compensation law protects both full and part-time workers.

Can I Collect Benefits If I Had A Previous Injury That Was Worsened?

Yes.  This happens quite a bit.  If you exacerbated a previous injury you had due to a work accident, then you may be eligible for workers compensation.

What If I Was At-Fault For The Accident?

If the injury was caused by your own negligence, you are still eligible for workers compensation benefits.  Negligence and fault do not come into play with these of accidents.

What If I Work For Myself?

Yes.  The self-employed enjoy all the protections of the Massachusetts workers compensation laws.

What If I Was Injured While Driving To or From Work?

Generally, the coming and going rule operates as a bar to workers compensation benefits for anyone driving to or from work.

What If I Was Injured Over A Period of Time and Have a Repetitive Injury?

Just because it was not one event that injured you does not mean you cannot collect workers comp benefits.  Repetitive injuries are still covered by workers compensation law.

If I Delayed In Reporting The Work Injury Am I Out of Luck?

While reporting delays never help a claim, it does not kill one either.  As long as the delay was not excessive then you should be fine.

What If I Can’t Get To The Independent Medical Exam?

The insurance company will provide you with transportation (and an interpreter if necessary) free of charge for your independent medical exam.

These are only some Massachusetts workers compensation FAQs.  If you have questions about your specific case and need a Boston workers compensation lawyer, contact us today for your free, no-obligation consultation. We are here to help you get the benefits you deserve.

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