Does Massachusetts Workers Compensation Cover Assaults?

Roughly two million people are the victims of violence at work each year.  These incidents can cause injuries to innocent workers ranging from soft tissue injuries, cuts and abrasions, broken bones, to even death.  Victims of assault may be forced to miss work, and incur medical expenses if the injuries are serious enough.  Many of these victims may be looking to find out if workers compensation covers assaults.  It generally does.  As long as the attack occurred while you were acting in the course and scope of your employment, then workers compensation coverage is triggered.

Assaults may be perpetrated by an angry customer, co-worker, or mentally unstable patient at a hospital.   Assault is a catchall legal term that covers many different categories of conduct, and is not only limited to physical harm that may result.  For example, if a convenience store is robbed an employee, while not physically harmed, may be traumatized from the experience.  In that situation, workers compensation benefits would be available for the employee.  However, if the assault stems from a personal relationship outside of work, then workers compensation benefits may not be available.  Each case must be evaluated on a case-by-case basis to see if the claim is compensable.

Massachusetts Workers Comp Lawyer

Regardless if you were injured by an assault, or any other type of work injury, you may be entitled to Massachusetts workers compensation benefits.  Call us today to find out more about the rights that may be available to you.