Massachusetts Slip And Fall Accident Lawyer

It can be a frustrating and painful experience to be involved in a slip and fall or trip and fall accident.  As a Massachusetts slip and fall accident lawyer, my office has handled many of these cases.  Through the years of handling these cases I have seen that there are certain elements that can mean the difference between a strong case, a weak case, and no case at all. Below are some of the things one needs to keep in mind following a Massachusetts slip and fall or trip and fall accident:

Get the names, telephone and addresses of all witnesses

If there were witnesses to the fall, getting their full contact information is very important.  Having witness support for a slip and fall can make or break a case. This way they can be contacted and ideally, their written statements can be secured which can serve to bolster the claim.

Call an ambulance and the police, if necessary

Receiving prompt professional medical care is important so that you get the medical treatment you need, and so that your injuries and physical complaints are properly documented.

Take Photographs After The Slip & Fall

Photograph the scene of the accident as soon as possible.  A picture can tell 1000 words.  Having photos of the condition that caused you to fall is very, very important.

Massachusetts slip and fall accident lawyer

Don’t Speak With The Insurance Adjuster

Don’t speak to any insurance company before you first speak with an Massachusetts slip and fall accident lawyer about your rights.  You may receive a phone call from the insurance company that insures the location where you fell.  It is extremely important never to speak to the insurance company until after you have consulted with an attorney.

A Massachusetts Slip And Fall Accident Lawyer That Can Help

These cases are very complicated and require experienced representation in order to ensure your rights are completely protected, and that you get the best possible settlement for your case.  Contact Massachusetts personal injury lawyer Christopher Earley today for your free, no obligation consultation.