Massachusetts Retail Store Slip And Fall Lawyer

Many people each and every year day in Massachusetts slip and fall in retail stores.  These premises liability accidents can cause serious and permanent physical injuries.  Common causes for these accidents in stores are spills and slick floors.  The owner and occupier of the property can he held liable for the accident.  If that is the case, you may have a good chance of getting your medical bills and lost wages paid, as well as pain and suffering compensation.  But, you must first establish liability.  How do you do that?

Under Massachusetts law an owner or occupier of land can be held liable if it created the dangerous condition (spill or slick floor, etc.) and did not correct it or, if it knew or should have known about the dangerous condition and did not correct it.  It helps to have photographs to establish this.  I suggest that you or someone else take pictures (if possible) immediately of the conditions on the floor that caused your Massachusetts slip and fall accident.  That is so critical because often the conditions that caused the slip and fall will be corrected immediately after the accident.

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