Massachusetts Rear-End Motor Vehicle Accidents

Many times insurance companies will deny a bodily injury claim brought by the victim of a Massachusetts rear-ender automobile accident.  I see this all the time as a Massachusetts rear end car accident lawyer.  But rear-end motor vehicle accidents, are, for obvious reasons, usually the fault of the driver who hit the car in front of him/her.  But, I see Massachusetts insurance companies frequently deny these claims for arbitrary reasons.  These accidents can result in back and neck strains and spains, fractures, dislocations, herniated discs, and other injuries.

These accidents frequently happen due to distracted driving, such as texting while driving, or because of intoxication.  Sometimes sun glare is used as an excuse by the at-fault driver, or slippery road conditions.  Regardless as to how the rear end colossion happened, the person that hit you is generally at-fault and responsible for the personal injuries and damage to your car they cause.

Massachusetts rear end car accident lawyer

Drivers in Massachusetts are required by law to keep a proper distance when driving behind another vehicle.  The fact that you were hit in a rear-end motor vehicle accident does not establish negligence on the part of the driver who hit you.  But, the facts of a rear-end accident usually support the position of the claimant who was the victim of the accident.  If a vehicle strikes you as a result of a rear-end accident, do not let the insurance company argue the accident was your fault.  Tell them – assuming you were not at fault – that the facts of the accident support the inference of negligence on the part of the driver who hit you.  After all, it was your vehicle that was struck.  It is absurd when insurance companies get away with denying claimants who have sustained injuries in Massachusetts rear-end motor vehicle accidents.  Do not let that happen to you.

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