How To Know What Your Massachusetts Personal Injury Claim is Worth

The answer, unfortunately, is that there is no answer.  Determining what a Massachusetts personal injury case is worth is more of an art than a science.  There is no way to definitively tell you what your claim is worth until after you have reached a “medical end-result” and fully completed your medical treatment.  At that time, your Massachusetts personal injury lawyer will collect all of your medical records and medical bills, any proof of lost wages, evaluate any periods of disability you had after the accident, and, finally, will look at the degree and severity of your injuries.  If you have only soft tissue injuries your claim will be worth much less than if you have fractures, scarring, or any type of loss of function.

Massachusetts personal injury case is worth

As Form Massachusetts workers compensation cases, they are much easier to put a value on.  That is because the workers comp laws of Massachusetts control what a case is worth.  This is much different than Massachusetts personal injury claims in general, whose claim values are not set forth by law.

The amount of your medical bills, the type and extent of injuries you suffered, and your lost wages will all collectively determine what kind of compensation you can expect to receive following your accident.  However, there is no set formula.  Once again, please understand that determining what a Massachusetts personal injury claim is worth is more of an art than it is a science.