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Photos And Massachusetts Personal Injury Accidents

If you had a Massachusetts personal injury accident, documenting your claim with photographs is important.

Since nearly everyone has a smart phone with a camera, taking photos has never been easier.  Good photos can help a poor case, and the absence of good photos can negatively impact an otherwise strong case.

In order to persuade an insurance adjuster to pay you fair and reasonable compensation for your injuries and pain and suffering, it is absolutely critical to take photographs. This morning I had a client come see me after he had just slipped and fell just down the street from my office.

The client and I immediately went to the spot of the accident and we took photographs of where he fell. It was crucial that we obtain photos of the spot where he fell before the scene of the accident was in any way disturbed from the condition it was at the time of the fall.

Massachusetts Personal Injury Accident

If you have been involved in a Massachusetts car accident, immediately take photographs of the vehicles involved (before they have been moved in any way), as well as the scene of the accident (location), and, take photographs of your injuries, if possible.

The reason insurance companies put great weight on photographs is because they know that juries love photographs. A Massachusetts personal injury claimant that has photographs greatly increases his or her chances of convincing an insurance company to pay on a claim. But please be clear that in addition to photographs, there is much more that has to be involved in order for your claim to be successful.

Specifically, you need liability and damages. If you can’t establish these two things, no photographs, no matter how good they are, will help you win your claim/case.

If you had a Massachusetts personal injury accident, be sure to take photos!