Massachusetts Pedestrian Accidents

Massachusetts pedestrian accidents can cause very serious injuries to victims of such accidents.  Injuries can include damage to soft tissue, fractures, disfigurement, significant head trauma, and even death.  As a Massachusetts pedestrian accidents lawyer I have seen through the years too many pedestrians hit due to negligence of motor vehicle operators.  These accidents happen in many different ways.  A pedestrian crossing a street is a common fact pattern that gives rise to pedestrian accidents.  Sometimes these occur inside, and sometimes outside, of a crosswalk.  Due to the high number of pedestrians in Boston, and the odd and antiquated configurations of Boston streets, pedestrians are commonly struck by motor vehicles here.  Many Boston pedestrian accidents occur when drivers fail to yield the right-of-way.

Massachusetts pedestrian accidents lawyer

Children are especially vulnerable to pedestrian accidents because they often are inattentive, depending on their age when they are crossing a street.  I urge all pedestrians to exercise great caution while walking in Boston as well as in the other cities and towns of Massachusetts.

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