Massachusetts Drivers Must Clear Snow And Ice From Their Vehicles

We here in Massachusetts, as we are ready to turn the calendar to February, are knee-deep in winter.  Brutally cold weather combined with snow and ice, makes everything more challenging.  We are at greater risk of slipping and falling, and other various types of injury-producing accidents.  At this time of year Massachusetts drivers need to be especially mindful of the legal requirement to clear snow and ice from their motor vehicles.  Failure to do this can not only subject you to a fine, but can also lead to car accidents.

As well, if your windshield is not properly clear of snow and ice, you also run the risk of needlessly striking a pedestrian.  The Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles Driver’s Manual requires you do this.  Make sure you do so in order to drive safely during this brutal winter.  But hang in there.  Before you know it, the Sox will be playing again and summer will be here!