Mass Health Liens On Massachusetts Personal Injury Settlements

Many people in Massachusetts have Mass Health coverage.  For those people on Mass Health who recover compensation from a personal injury case, Mass Health has a right to be paid back.  They have a right to be paid back for medical bills they paid on behalf of the injury victim.  Many times Mass Health will reduce and negotiate their lien when an attorney is involved.  By law, Mass Health's lien is automatic and notice of the lien does not have to be provided to the injury victim, or his/her attorney in order for the lien to be enforceable. 

The insurance company that is paying the money will run a check to verify whether or not Mass Health has a lien.  If a Mass Health lien does pop up, the insurance company will either name Mass Health on the settlement check, or, will agree to not name Mass Health on the check if they are provided with a conditional release of lien issued by Mass Health.