Manhattan Woman Gets Stuck In Elevator Over Weekend

Getting stuck in an elevator (knock on wood) has never happened to me.  Despite daily rides on elevators for many years, I have thankfully never experienced this misfortune.  The same cannot be said for a Manhattan woman who last weekend became stuck in an elevator inside a residence located at 48 East 65th Street.  Apparently, the woman, Marites Fortaliza, age 53, works at the location and the homeowners of the property, for whom she works, were out of town for the weekend.  The elevator lift apparently malfunctioned, leaving the elevator stuck between the 2nd and 3rd floors of the building.  There is no information yet as to whether or not she sustained any lasting injuries as a result of this event.

Claims She May Pursue

Because she was there to work that day, she may file a claim for workers compensation benefits to have her medical bills paid.  As well, she can seek workers compensation weekly benefits should she need to miss time from work, due to this event.  She may not directly sue the employer due to the workers compensation bar regarding suing your employer.  If there is a third-party, such as an elevator maintenance company, or service company, a negligence claim and lawsuit can be made against that party.

Boston Elevator and Escalator Accident Lawyer

If you have been injured as a result of any type of elevator, or escalator malfunction, call us for help.  The Law Office of Christopher Earley is experienced with these types of cases and we look forward to providing you with legal representation.