Man Tragically Killed By Snowplow Today In Easton

A 64-year old man was killed by a snowplow in Easton on Route 138 this afternoon.  The vehicle that struck the man was a pickup truck with a snow plow attached.

The man pulled over to change a tire on his vehicle when he was struck.  Bystanders tried to revive the man, but he would pass away shortly after the accident.

This tragedy highlights the need for all motor vehicle operators to always keep a proper lookout.  As well, it highlights the need for those changing a tire, as well as all pedestrians in general, to be sure to always stay away from the path of all oncoming vehicles.

Legally, this horrible situation potentially gives rise to a wrongful death lawsuit against the plow driver, and if applicable, his employer.  The estate of the decedent would be who would file the lawsuit.