Low-Impact Motor Vehicle Accidents and Insurance Denials in Massachusetts

Many times Massachusetts insurance companies refuse to pay on a bodily injury claim because they do not believe that the claimant truly sustained injuries.  I see many low-impact, motor vehicle accident claims denied – even where liability has been established – because the relevant insurance company does not believe the claimant was injured.  What claims adjusters fail to understand is that a low-impact motor vehicle accident can cause very serious and permanent bodily injuries.

For example, if the claimant is sitting in either the driver sear or passenger seat, and his/her body is any way turned (i.e. reaching to tune the radio or reaching to put on a seat belt) at the time of impact, serious injuries can occur to the neck and back.  Scientific research indicates that it does not take a high-impact collision to cause very serious bodily injuries. 

Massachusetts insurance companies deny these claims every day in hopes of saving money.  If the insurance company tells you that they will not pay on your claim because they doubt you were injured, direct their attention to objective data such as your medical records which demonstrate that you did sustain injuries.

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