Low Speed Boston Motor Vehicle Accidents

There are on average 6 million car accidents each year.  Many of these are low speed car accidents.  These accidents sometimes do not cause serious property damage to the vehicles involved.  Because of this, insurance companies constantly argue that these accidents cannot possibly cause personal injury to the car’s occupants.  They are convinced and constantly argue that no human being can sustain a serious injury in these types of car accidents.  Here are some reasons why that position is flawed.

low speed boston motor vehicle accidents

The level of property damage does not always correlate to the level of injury sustained

Just because the accident was low-impact, does not mean the people inside the vehicles were not injured.  With these crashes, the occupants may have had their heads turned to the side which increases the risk of serious personal injury.  Also, these accidents tend to throw the occupants around inside the vehicle, which can cause injury, even in the absence of serious property damage to the vehicles involved.

The level of property damage does not take into account some people have preexisting injuries

Many people injured in these crashes may previously have been perfectly healthy.  However, others may have had prior injuries to either their neck or back, or both.  Some may have had previous surgeries, or may suffer from arthritis or fibromyalgia which makes them especially susceptible to injury.  Even a minor car wreck can cause more physical agony and further health complications to these people.

Minor property damages does not always correlate to level of impact

Motor vehicles today are thankfully becoming safer and safer.  Cars can absorb a high level of impact without being smashed to smithereens.  However, it is foolhardy to dismiss the role of force and velocity of impact.  A high impact crash may not seriously damage a car, but that does not mean the people inside the car were similarly unscathed.

The age of the occupants matters

Arguably a young child and elderly person can have different physical effects from a low-speed car accident.  While a young person is arguably more resilient to injury, the same can’t be said for someone who is elderly.  Therefore, age matters when evaluating the impact motor vehicle occupants.


Therefore, just because the accident was low speed does not mean the people inside the vehicle were not injured.  To assume low property damage equates to an absence of injury fails to take into account the many factors of a crash that do contribute to serious personal injuries.  Call today if you a need a Boston accident attorney for your car accident claim.

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