When A Lawyer Is Not Needed For A Slip And Fall Accident

When a lawyer is not needed for a slip and fall case

It is no secret that slip and fall cases can he hard to win in Massachusetts.  This is true even if you have a lawyer and the case is a strong one.  Regardless if the claim is against a property owner, landlord, supermarket, or anyone else, these cases are tough.  It always makes sense to have a lawyer represent you for these types of personal injury cases.  But, there are times when a lawyer is not needed for a slip and fall accident case, because.  Here are some of those situations.

If your slip and fall case is too hard to prove then you would not an attorney.  The reason is because liability must be proven in these cases.  If a lawyer cannot do this for you under with the facts of your accident then a lawyer would not be needed in the first place. But, it would be wise to consult with a slip and fall attorney to see if you do have a case.

For those cases where there is liability, but no injuries were sustained, you would not need a lawyer.  That is because even if the property owner was in fact negligent, but there were no injuries that occurred due to the negligence, then a lawyer is not needed because there is no case to pursue.

Therefore, the only time when a lawyer is needed for a slip and fall accident is when liability can be proven, and when injuries resulted due to the negligence.  If either of these two elements are not present, a lawyer is not needed for a slip and fall accident.

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Regardless of how your slip and fall accident happened, it always make sense to consult with an attorney if you are considering pursuing compensation for your injuries.  Call the Law Office of Christopher Earley today for your free, no-obligation consultation.