When A Lawyer Contacts You After A Car Accident 

There is frequently a lot going on after a car accident. You may be injured and getting medical treatment, and you may be contacted by an insurance company either through mail, phone, or both. You may also be contacted by a car accident lawyer following a crash.  When a lawyer contacts you after a car accident, you should be very skeptical.

The reason the lawyer contacted you, and the reason he knew about your crash is because he, or someone from his office, went to the local police station. There he viewed recent police reports and came across your name.

He sends you a letter because he is trying to drum up business for himself. This type of conduct, while deemed ethical in Massachusetts, is unsavory and unscrupulous.

Whenever a car accident lawyer scours police reports hunting for business, he should be looked upon with skepticism.  If a lawyer contacts you after an accident, he makes a mockery of himself, as well as the legal profession itself.  After all, personal injury lawyers already have a poor reputation in society. This type of conduct only further diminishes the perception of lawyers in our society.  If a lawyer sends you a letter after a crash, throw it in the trash and conduct a reputable lawyer that does not engage in this type of untoward behavior.

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