Law Office of Christopher Earley Provides Legal Services to Boston Injury And Accident Victims

The Law Office of  Christopher Earley is a team of legal professionals dedicated to representing personal injury and workers comp accident victims in Boston, and throughout Massachusetts.  At first the office was comprised of just myself.  But with more and more clients coming through our door, I needed to hire help.

The office continues to expand and today, the office is comprised of myself, an associate attorney, Erica Marzella, Esq., and a legal assistant, Arianny Oller.  We are located conveniently in downtown Boston and we handle all types of injury and accidents throughout Massachusetts.

Our History

The office was founded in 2005 after I graduated from law school.  Immediately I identified that I wanted to handle only personal injury cases.  I wanted to help people stand up to insurance companies.  By narrowly focusing on this one area of law allows the office to focus 100% on helping people that have been injured in an accident and sustained injury as a result.

Our Philosophy

We are not a standard personal injury practice ‘mill.’  We are a results-oriented law practice.  That means our central core belief is never resolving a client’s case for anything short of fair value.  For example sometimes insurance companies offer fair settlements to our clients that have been injured in car accidents.  Other times, they do not.

If an offer is not fair, we file a lawsuit for the client with his/her consent.  This signals to the insurance company that our client will not accept an offer that is unreasonable. If necessary, we will pursue a  case through trial.

Oftentimes during litigation we are successful in resolving cases through alternative dispute resolution.  This encompasses both mediation as well as arbitration.

Our Focus

Personal injury law is all we do.  We only represent those that have been injured due to an individual’s or company’s negligence.  We understand that an accident can immediately changes someone’s life.  We know that by hiring us you are investing a great deal of trust in us.  That we take very seriously and emboldens us to do everything possible to make sure your case settles for fair and just compensation.

By not handling other types of legal matters, we are able to focus 100% of our time, focus, and energy on personal injury, car accident, and workers compensation cases.

Our Successes

We have been able to secure hundreds of personal injury settlements for our clients over the years.  These case results have been obtained through settlement, mediation, as well as arbitration.  We have obtained numerous six-figure settlements for our clients since we opened our doors.  We take great pride in the results we have received for our clients over the years.