Keeping Safe On Super Bowl Sunday 

Today is Super Bowl Sunday and once again the Patriots are in the big game.  As we here in Massachusetts get ready to root them on, it is important to remember to have a safe and memorable day.

Many people across the country will be going to bars, restaurants or a super bowl party to watch the game However, if you are going to be drinking, be sure not to drive. The incidence of car accidents rises significantly today so be sure to not drink and drive as doing so needlessly exposes you as well as others to personal injury or even death. If you do drink be sure to use a rideshare service such as Lyft or Uber.

Also, as there is significant snow and ice remaining following the recent cold snap, be extra careful as intoxication increases your risk of slipping and falling.

This is a day to have a blast, and to do so responsibly.

Go Pats!