Introduction to Massachuetts Products Liability Law

Massachusetts products liability law is a branch of tort law.  Like negligence, products liability is an area of law that requires people and manufactures to exercice caution and conduct themselves reasonably in our society.  In the case of products liability, the focus is on the manufacturer and the product(s) that manufacturer introduces into the marketplace.  Many times products and devices that enter the marketplace are unsafe and/or defective in some way.  When people are injured by products and/or devices, they often need a products liability lawyer to represent them against the relevant manufacturer that ultimately caused their injuries.

I found the following on Kenney & Conley’s web site which I think does a pretty good job of briefly explaining what Massachusetts products liability law is:

  • When you purchase a product, you expect that you will be able to use it according to instructions without suffering any injury.  However, that is not the case with some products.  A number of products on the marketplace have been engineered poorly, causing them to perform in an unsafe manner.  Another group of products has been engineered correctly but something went wrong during manufacture, again resulting in the products being unacceptably dangerous.
  • When you are injured while using a product in the manner in which it was intended and according to directions, you deserve to be compensated for that injury.  The manufacturer of the product in question must be held responsible for your injury so that it does not continue to produce defective products that will injury others.

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