Introduction to Auto Insurance in Mass.

In Massachusetts you are required to carry a minimum of $20, 000.00/$40, 000.00 in bodily injury insurance coverage. This insurance is commonly called compulsory bodily injury insurance.  This protects you and your assets if you are completely or only partially at fault for an automobile accident in Massachusetts, because your insurance company will pay the individual who you injured up to $20, 000.00 in a bodily injury settlement or verdict.  The $40, 000.00 comes into play if the accident you caused injured more than one person.  No matter how many people ended up injured due to the accident, your insurance company will pay no more than $40, 000.00 in bodily injury payments via settlement or verdict.

You are also required to carry a minimum of $5000.00 in property damage coverage in Massachusetts.  This will cover any property damage that you caused as a result of the automobile accident.

I highly recommend that you purchase more than the state required minimum of $20, 000.00/$40, 000.00/$5, 000.00 because it will not cost you much to purchase more coverage than this state minimum.  I recommend additional coverage because if the auto accident you caused is a serious accident and the injured person or persons have claims for a bodily injury settlement or verdict in excess of $20, 000.00/$40, 000.00, you will be personally responsible for anything over and above that amount.  Therefore, it is crucial you purchase as much bodily injury insurance that you can afford.

Here is a link to the minimum mandatory auto insurance coverages of the various states – State by State Minimum Requirements.

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