Insurance Companies Becoming Cheaper and Cheaper in Massachusetts

It is often said that Massachusetts insurance companies have in recent years become cheaper in terms of the money they are offering to settle personal injury claims.  One of the reasons for this is that the larger "mill" type Massachusetts personal injury law firms handle such a high volume of cases each year, that they do not have the time to litigate each and every one.  With so many of these "mill" type firms, and the number of cases they handle each year, the net effect is that Massachusetts insurance companies have become markedly cheaper in their bodily injury settlements in recent years.  Why?  Because they know these larger personal injury "factories" are willing to settle for less than the case is worth.

Most times when I handle a Massachusetts personal injury case, I end up "filing suit" because usually the insurance company undervalues my client’s case.  The purpose of litigating the claim is to put pressure on the insurance company to offer more money to settle the Massachusetts personal injury case.  Usually, when suit is filed, or some time thereafter, the insurance company will pay up the fair and reasonable value of the case.

If you feel that your lawyer is not getting the insurance company to offer enough money to settle your personal injury case, tell him/her to file suit.  If more Massachusetts attorneys were litigating personal injury cases, Massachusetts insurance companies would no doubt be offering more in settlement monies before, rather than after litigation.