How Insurance Companies Try to Limit Boston Car Accident Settlements

I have written before on how you can never trust a car insurance company.  It is important to know how insurance companies set up their claims departments.  Once a claim is reported, the insurance adjuster begins investigating the claim.  The adjuster will likely call you and send you letters.  The adjuster typically is assigned many, many files.  The adjuster’s key mandate from supervisors is to settle as many cases as possible, for as little money as possible.  They are also instructed to deny as many claims as well, when possible.  They employ various ploys to accomplish these objectives.

how insurance companies try to limit Boston car accident settlements

Telling the Claimant An Attorney is Not Needed

Adjuster always tell claimants not to hire an attorney.  They try to convince the accident victim in Boston that an attorney will only cost them more money, and delay their settlement.  Don’t listen to this.  Hire a Boston car accident lawyer and signal to them you are not falling for their tricks.

Saying It Is Better To Settle Quickly

This ties in to the prior point.  Never, ever listen when the insurance company says it is best to settle quickly.  The reason they want to settle with you quickly for short money is so that you don’t hire an attorney.  Don’t listen to this, and don’t settle without first consulting with a lawyer that handles car accident claims.

Saying A Recorded Statement is Necessary

This is another lie.  The insurance company wants to take a recording of you to try to limit the liability of their driver who caused the accident, or to try to limit the extent of your actual injuries, or both.  If they ask for a recorded statement, say no.

Asking You To Sign Medical Authorizations

Like with recorded statements, you also don’t need to sign medical authorization forms.  They want to collect all your medical records to see if you have any pre-existing injuries that predated the accident.  Never sign medical authorizations from an insurance company.

Saying They Won’t Negotiate A Higher Settlement Amount

Once they say that is their final offer, and that you can take it or leave it.  This is also a patent untruth.  Of course they have more money available on your file, but they don’t want to pay it out to you.  The only way you will truly get their highest settlement number is with the help of an attorney in Boston for your car wreck claim.

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