What Injuries Are Covered When A Dog Bites You?

What injuries are covered when a dog bites you?

Many dog bite victims after an attack are unsure what to do. They likely need medical treatment for their injuries and money for their medical bills.  The injuries are so bad maybe they can’t even work.  Many of these victims, when dealing with the aftermath of the attack, wonder what injuries are covered when a dog bites you.

Massachusetts dog bite law is very clear that a dog owner is automatically liable for all losses his dog causes to someone in an attack.  Here are some damages you can collect for your losses if a dog attacks and injures you:

Medical Bills

These personal injury accidents generally result in medical bills for the victim. They may include hospital bills, and other medically-related expenses.  These are oftentimes called special damages.

Pain And Suffering

These damages cover all physical and mental suffering the dog bite caused to you.  These losses are less certain than are medical bills that are generally more cut and dry.  These are the damages that are most open to interpretation, as putting a dollar figure on someone’s pain can be very hard to do.

Scarring and Disfigurement

Dog bites commonly leave the victim with permanent bite marks, scarring, or other permanent disfigurement.  These damages can range from a small, minor scar that will likely improve and fade over time, to keloid scars that do not improve at all and remain with someone forever.

Local Dog Bite Lawyer

Regardless of how your dog bite happened, or what injuries you received, it is important to consult with a dog bite attorney that can help you collect fair compensation for your injuries.  Contact the Law Office of Christopher Earley today for help.