Injured On Someone’s Property?

People are unfortunately commonly injured due to someone’s negligence. Negligence can arise in many different situations.  One such situation it can result from is from injuries sustained to innocent victims while visiting someone else’s property.

Injured on someone's property

The area of law that governs these accident cases is called premises liability.  This is a catch all phrase that encompasses different areas of law.  It can therefore be a very complex area of law.

Understanding what rights are afforded under premises liability law is crucial for anyone injured while on someone else’s property.

Who is responsible for premises liability accidents?

These accidents can involve many different parties.  Some of the parties potentially liable to the accident victim are the building owner, the party leasing the property, management company, as well as other possible parties.  The responsible parties depends on the facts of a given case, and the legal relationships between the parties.

If a lawsuit is ultimately filed, the one bringing the lawsuit is called the plaintiff.  The one(s) that are sued are called the defendants.  Typically there are multiple defendants involved in these cases.  The reason for that is because each may bear some type of responsibility for the accident.

Common types of premises liability accidents

These accidents can arise from countless different ways. Here are some typical types of these accidents:

Dog bites

Slips and falls

Snow and ice accidents

Trips and falls

Landlord tenant accidents

Elevator and escalator accidents

Workers compensation accidents

Construction accidents

Boston premises liability lawyer 

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