Informing the Insurance Company of Your Massachusetts Auto Accident Claim

If you are representing yourself in your Massachusetts personal injury claim, you need to inform the insurance company who insures the driver who caused the accident that you are bringing a claim.  This type of claim is referred to as a third-party claim.  Write the adverse insurance company a letter.  In this letter you identify your name, the name of the person that injured you, the date the accident occurred, and, you should request a claim number.  Also in this letter, make demand for the policy limits of their insured (the person who caused your injuries).  You need to know the policy limits so you know the extent to which the person who injured you is insured.

Also, you will need to notify your insurance company about the accident.  If you were involved in a Massachusetts car accident, you will need to fill out a PIP (personal injury protection) application so that your medical bills are paid.  A claim made against your insurance company is called a first-party claim.  Good luck with your claim!