Information About Bone Fractures

A fracture is a broken bone.  Fractured bones happen quite often in auto accidents, slips and falls, and all other accidents.  Generally, if liability can be established in a Massachusetts personal injury accident, a fracture is worth more in compensation than a strain or a sprain.

Here are some of the various types of fractures that can occur to a bone, provided courtesy of mamashealth.com:

1)  Simple fracture – bone breaks into two pieces;

2)  Stress fracture – hairline break that is often invisible on x-ray for the first six weeks after the onset of pain;

3)  Comminuted fracture – bone fragments into several pieces;

4)  Impacted fracture – one fragment of bone is embedded into another fragment of bone;

5)  Compound fracture – bone protrudes through the skin;

6)  Complete fracture – bone snaps into two or more pieces;

7)  Incomplete fracture – bone cracks but doesn’t separate.

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