The Importance of Incident Reports With Personal Injury Cases

One of the most important things to do following a personal injury accident in Massachusetts is to report the accident.  Having an accurate report detailing what occurred can greatly help a case.  When reporting an accident, you want to provide to the appropriate party as soon as possible the details of what happened, where it happened, who witnessed it, etc.

For example, if you get injured at work you need to report to your supervisor the precise circumstances of the accident, so that information will be conveyed to the insurance company.  Or, if you slip and fall in a store, you want to report to the store manager as much information as possible.  Keep in mind many stores will not release the accident report, unless a lawsuit was filed.  In that situation, the accident report must be provided during discovery.

With car accident cases, MGL c. 90, s. 26 requires anyone killed or injured in a car accident, or one in which caused $ 1000 in property damage to fill out an operator’s report within 5 days of the accident.  This report needs to be submitted to the Registry of Motor Vehicles, the local police station where the crash occurred, as well as with your car insurance company.