If You Get Hit By A Car In Boston

Boston has a well-deserved reputation as America’s Most Walkable City.  With so many people working in, visiting, and going to school in Boston, there are many pedestrians on the streets each day of our beautiful city.  Many people unfortunately are unlucky enough to be struck by a car.  These accidents happen to people walking in crosswalks, to people riding a bicycle, or motorcycle, and in countless other possible ways.  If you get hit by a car in Boston, here is some information you will need to know about.

Financial Compensation Available 

If you were a pedespedes struck by a car, you may be eligible to receive financial compensation.  You may file a claim to have your medical bills paid.  You also can collect payment for lost wages.  As well, you may receive compensation for any pain and suffering you experienced. This would be a claim for any and all physical and mental trauma the accident caused to you.

What If The Driver Leaves The Scene?

This happens quite a bit.  If the driver hits you and flees the scene, and can’t be identified, then you may file a hit and run accident claim.  This is also called an uninsured motorist claim.  This can be filed with your own car insurance policy, or with a household member’s policy.

This would be for all losses you sustained.  It is treated the same though it was filed the insurance policy for the driver that hit you and fled.  However, with uninsured motorist claims you may not file a lawsuit if the claim does not settle.  What you can do though is file a claim for arbitration.

Local Lawyer If You Get Hit By A Car In Boston

If you have one of these accidents and need a car accident lawyer in Boston, contact us today.  We have vast experience with these cases and would be pleased to assist you with your case.

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