Can I Sue For My Dog Bite Injury?

Dog bite attacks can range from benign to catastrophic.  Sometimes a dog bite can leave someone with very minor injuries.  Sometimes the outcome is much different.  A man in Florida last week was tragically killed when he was attacked by a pack of dogs.  Regardless of the injuries suffered, many dog bite victims wonder “Can I sue for my dog bite injuries?”

Massachusetts law is clear that in the absence of teasing, tormenting or abusing of a dog, a dog bite victim may sue the dog owner for their injuries and losses.  This legally is referred to as strict liability.  Note that negligence does not apply in these cases.

The problem at our office is that many dog owners rent their homes.  That means if they don’t carry renters’ insurance (which most people don’t carry), the victim must chase the dog owner personally for money damages.  If there is no insurance that makes everything much more difficult when it comes to trying to settle the case.

But if the dog owner owns a home, then there will be a homeowners insurance policy to pursue.  That makes collecting a settlement for the dog bite victim much, much easier.

Therefore, in almost all dog bite cases a lawsuit can be filed.  But, if there is no insurance available to pursue, the case may end up going nowhere, unless the dog owner has money available to pay a settlement or court judgment.