What Should I Do During My Massachusetts Car Accident Case?

Auto accidents in the Commonwealth happen to almost everyone.  Just about everyone who has been driving for a substantial period of time has caused an accident, or been the victim of an accident.  If you have been been injured due to someone’s negligence, knowing what you should be doing during the case is important.  Here are some things to keep in mind as you navigate the process.

what should I do during my massachusetts car accident case?

Claim Reporting

Be sure to call the police after the accident.  You also need to report the accident to your car insurance company.  Be sure to fill out and submit to the police, your insurance company and the Registry of Motor Vehicles a Motor Vehicle Crash Operators Report.

Medical Treatment

Be sure to seek prompt medical attention.  If there is a delay in getting medical treatment the insurance company will claim you were not as injured as you claim to be.  You can go to any doctors you choose to go to.  But, as is the case with workers compensation cases, you must attend an Independent Medical Exam that is scheduled by your own insurance company.

Claim Process

Whether or not you have a car accident lawyer, there will be communications with both your insurance company, as well as the insurance company that insures the at-fault driver.  During this stage you (or your attorney) will be gathering all pertinent documentation such as medical records, medical bills, proof of lost wages, photographs of the personal injuries and damages sustained to the vehicles.


You should submit a professional and organized demand package to the insurance company.  This package will kick start the negotiations.  As is the case with all parts of the case process, it is important to have representation as your lawyer will know just how to effectively negotiate for you the best possible settlement for your accident case.

Court Process

If your claim did not settle and a lawsuit is necessary, this is when you really need to have a lawyer.  Navigating the court system should be left to a professional with experience going to court and dealing with both insurance defense lawyers, as well as with judges and juries.  Your attorney will need you to attend a deposition, and if the case does not resolve, a jury trial of your case.

If you find yourself confused about what to do following your Massachusetts car accident, I invite you to call us as we can help.  Don’t go it alone.  Get help today to ensure you get the best possible outcome for your case.