How To Avoid The Wrong Car Accident Lawyers In Boston

Massachusetts has around 50,000 licensed attorneys. Many if these lawyers are in Boston. If you are involved in a car accident in Boston, it is important not only to pick the right attorney, but to avoid the wrong one. Here are some things to look out for on how to avoid the wrong car accident lawyers in Boston.

Poor Online Review

It is easy to find reviews of attorneys in Boston that handle car accident cases. Many lawyers have great reviews, and many also have poor reviews. If a lawyer has multiple negative reviews, it may be a red flag to avoid that lawyer and to keep searching for someone with better reviews. Sites like Google and Avvo are great for checking reviews of Massachusetts attorneys.

Poor Disciplinary History

The Massachusetts Board of Bar Oversees (BBO) oversees attorney discipline in Massachusetts. They have a page on their website where you can search to see if a lawyer has any prior disciplinary punishment. If the car accident lawyer you want to hire has a spotty history, it may be prudent to find someone with no prior disciplinary history.

Trial Experience

Many lawyers handle Massachusetts car crash cases, but not all of them have experience going to trial. Car insurance adjusters at companies such as Liberty Mutual, Commerce Insurance, etc. keep track of those lawyers who will take a case to trial, and those that don’t. Ask the lawyer you are considering hiring if he files lawsuits and brings cases to trial. If he does not, that may mean you will ultimately not receive maximum compensation for your injuries.

There are of course other red flags to avoid when selecting a car accident lawyer to represent you. But these are some of the primary ones to consider when selecting which personal injury lawyer in Boston to hire for your car crash case.