How A Slip And Fall Lawyer Can Help You

How a slip and fall lawyer can help you

Slipping and falling is no laughing matter.  These accidents can produce really serious personal injuries, and they can be caused by a variety of factors.  It may have been caused by liquid on the floor, or a freshly cleaned or waxed floor that lacked caution or warning signs.  No matter how your fall happened, if you were injured, it pays to hire an attorney for a slip and fall accident case.  But what does the lawyer do?

First, the lawyer can identify if you even have a case.  Keep in mind just because you slipped and fell does not mean you have a case.  The attorney will be able to determine if their is liability on the part of the property owner that can be pursued.

If the attorney sees liability, and injuries were sustained, then he will likely take on your case.  He will send a letter of representation to the property owner advising he represents you for the accident.  The property owner then will send that letter to its general liability insurance company.

Soon the claim with the insurance company is set up and your lawyer is communicating with them on how the accident happened and injuries you suffered.

During this time his office is also collecting all your medical bills, medical records, and proof of lost wages.  If possible the lawyer will obtain photos of your injuries and the substance that caused you to fall.

Once your medical treatment has ended, then your attorney can start negotiating with the insurance company.  If a settlement can be reached then you will sign a release and you will soon receive your settlement check.

If a settlement is not reached, then your lawyer will file a lawsuit for money damages against the property owner.  The insurance company will provide and pay for a defense lawyer to defend the lawsuit your lawyer filed.  If the case does not settle then mediation is always a possibility. If the case still does not settle then a slip and fall trial by jury may be necessary.

Reach Out To A Local Slip And Fall Lawyer For Help

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