How Personal Injury Cases Are Negotiated

Nearly all personal injury cases in Massachusetts settle without the necessity of going to trial. When you have a personal injury attorney, part of his role is negotiating your accident claim with the insurance company.

For example, if your claim stems from a car accident, once your medical treatment has ended, your attorney will put together and submit to the insurance adjuster a demand package. This package will contain a demand figure for settlement purposes.

Once the demand is reviewed by the insurance adjuster, then she will call your car accident attorney with a settlement number. Negotiations at that point will begin. The attorney and insurance adjuster (or insurance defense lawyer if the case is in suit) will go back and forth and negotiate until a settlement can be reached. This also applies to workers’ compensation claims as well.

Mediation is another way of settling injury claims. This is a type of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) which is a voluntary process which allows the parties to attempt settlement with the help of a mediator. A case does not have to be filed in court in order to be mediated. Most cases that go to mediation settle, but not all cases.

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