How Much Is My Personal Injury Case Worth?

People that experience a personal injury accident understandably want to know “How much is my personal injury case worth?”

Whether it be a car accident, slip and fall, truck accident, or other type of injury case, innocent victims want to know what type of settlement they can expect. While there is no convenient formula for valuing cases, and that each case is different, here are some basic factors that are looked at when valuing a personal injury case.

First, the severity of the injury largely determines the settleme value of the case. If the claimed injuries are relatively minor, then a modest settlement can be expected. If however, there are any broken bones suffered, or some type of surgery was necessary, then then a settlement can exceed $100,000.

Next we look to the amount of medical bills and lost wages. The higher these losses, the higher the settlement will be. Also, if their is a residual loss of earning capacity, then a settlement will be substantial.

Next we look to liens. Settlement values can be influenced by the size of any liens such as Medicare, Mass Health, or private health insurance that will need to be paid back in the event of a settlement. As with with other settlement factors, the higher the liens, the higher the settlement.

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Essentially, each case is different and therefore settlement values vary from case to case. Contact us today for your free consultation. The Law Office of Christopher Earley has Boston personal injury attorneys that can help you get back on solid financial ground after an accident.