How Much Do Personal Injury Attorneys Charge?

Nearly all Boston personal injury charge contingency fees. That means they only get paid if the case settles. Usually the fee charged is 33.3%. The attorney also will advance all case expenses. The Boston personal injury accident attorney will be reimbursed for these expenses when the case settles. This contingency fee system also applies to lawyers who handle workers compensation cases.

The contingency fee, while bemoaned by many, allows all people, regardless of how much money they have, to hire a lawyer. It allows everyone access to the courts so that they can receive full and fair  compensation for their injuries. It allows innocent people, who though no fault of their own, to receive justice.

Lawyers are required to have all contingency fee agreements in writing. This is set forth in the Massachusetts Rules of Professional Conduct. Lawyers are allowed to charge a fee that is reasonable, and reasonableness is judged by a variety of factors.