How To Choose The Right Car Accident Lawyer

As you can probably see from an online search for a car accident lawyer, there are literally hundreds of choices in Boston alone.  With so many choices, it can be very confusing.  How do you find the right car accident lawyer for your case?  Understanding how to can mean a big difference for your case.  Here are some considerations to keep in mind as you conduct your search:

Ask Family and Friends For A Recommendation

If you know someone that has been through the car accident process before with an attorney, ask him/her if they can give a recommendation.  There is nothing better than a referral from someone you already trust.

Be Sure To Read Online Reviews

Web sites such as Avvo and Google can be great for finding lawyer reviews.  Be sure to obviously stay away from an attorney with bad reviews, or, no reviews.  Look for lawyers that have plenty of good reviews.  That will bode well for finding the right attorney.  Also, be sure to see if an attorney you are interested in hiring has ever faced any disciplinary action.  Here is a site where you can find this out.

Meet With A Few Car Accident Lawyers

Once you have honed in on some lawyers that have good reviews, schedule a time to meet with a few different lawyers.  Once you sit down with one, see if you are comfortable with this person.  Ask yourself: do you like this person?  Do you WANT to work with this person?  Do you feel as though the attorney is confident and experienced with cases just like yours? Ask yourself these questions and be honest to yourself.  This is a big decision you are making.

Questions To Ask An Attorney

Here are some questions to ask any attorney you are interested in hiring:

1) Do you handle only personal injury cases?

2) Will an attorney, paralegal, or assistant be handing the file?

3) Have you handled cases similar to mine?

4) Have you ever been sued by a client?

5) Has a client ever filed a disciplinary complaint against you?

6) Do you file lawsuits for your clients?

7) Do you try cases in court?