If I Got Hurt At Work Do I Have A Case?

Many people injured at work wonder if they have a case.  Massachusetts workers compensation law provides benefits to workers injured during the course and scope of employment.  That means if you are at the workplace, or outside of the workplace but working for your employer, you are eligible for workers compensation benefits.

However, workers compensation does NOT cover independent contractors. You must be an employee to enjoy the protections of workers compensation.  Determining whether someone is an employee or independent contractor involves a legal analysis of many different factors

Keep in mind you are not eligible for workers compensation if you are injured driving to, or from, work.  There are some exceptions to this rule and it is called the coming and going rule.

For example, if you are on your way to work and have a car accident, that would not be covered by workers compensation.  But, if you have a car accident while working for your employer, that could be covered by workers comp.

Workers compensation covers all possible accidents that happen at the workplace. Slips and falls are a very common cause of industrial accidents.  Construction accidents are also common due to the nature of the work and these accidents are covered by workers compensation.  Essentially, most accidents at work that result in personal injury fall under workers compensation.