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Client education is very important to us here at the Law Office of Christopher Earley.  We believe the more our clients (and non-clients) are educated about the injury claim process, the better the decisions they will make for their particular case.  That is why I have recently authored a series of books entitled The Truth Series.

This set of books is intended to help teach you – the injury victim – what you must know in order to make the best possible decisions for your legal issues.  This way, before you fill out or sign any insurance company paperwork, or meet with an attorney, you are armed with information that will really help you.  This will put you in the best possible position for the best settlement.

Each book is completely free and available via download.  If you would like your own hard copy of any book just ask us for one and we will immediately mail it to you completely free of charge.

Additional Truth books and free reports are coming out soon, so stay tuned for more free legal information!

You can download The Truth About Massachusetts Auto Accidents here:

You can download The Truth About Massachusetts Workers’ Compensation Accidents here:


You can download The Truth About Massachusetts Slip & Fall Accidents here:


You can download The Truth About Massachusetts Dog Bites here:


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The Truth About Massachusetts Auto Accidents


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