I found this to be an interesting, albeit probably painful post provided by the injuryboard.com:

According to a report by KVUE News, an Austin man has filed a lawsuit against a student golfer, her coach and her university, after he was hit in the head with a golf ball. The lawsuit states that, without warning, the student athlete from St. Edward’s University hit the ball while Cortez was still on the green.

The strike knocked Cortez unconscious and caused other injuries. It claims the student golfer was negligent by not waiting until other golfers left the hole and not warning Cortez the ball was headed in his direction. The suit names the golf coach for not properly training and supervising the student and St. Edward’s University for failing to properly supervise the coach.

The attorney representing St. Edward’s University said witness statements show Cortez was not on the putting green when he was hit and that the student did yell fore to warn the golfers about the ball. He also said Texas law states a golfer cannot be held liable for such an incident, which was unintentional.

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