Firing Your Boston Car Accident Lawyer

Unfortunately sometimes the attorney/client relationship can break down for a number of reasons. Whether it be lack of communication, failure of the attorney to move the case forward, or lack of willingness to fight for what is fair with the insurance company, a client may need to take his file to another attorney’s office for handling.  You are not penalized at all for changing lawyers.  For auto accident victims, sometimes this means firing your Boston car accident lawyer while the case is still pending.  Whether your claim is in the claims state, or lawsuit stage, you have the right to change lawyers at anytime.

Firing your Boston car accident lawyer

Before terminating your Boston car accident lawyer consider first reaching out and seeing if the relationship can be salvaged.  Sometimes an honest dialogue with the lawyer can repair the relationship.  If however things don’t improve then it may be time to move on.  Keep in mind that your attorney has the right to terminate the relationship, too.  However if a lawsuit was filed the attorney must ask a judge for permission to withdraw from your case.

If you need to change Boston car accident lawyer you have that right and your attorney cannot demand any fees before giving you your file.  Be sure to contact us for a free consultation if we can be of service to you.  Massachusetts car accident lawyer Christopher Earley can help you.


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