Filing A Personal Injury Claim Against Home Depot

Filing a personal injury claim against Home Depot

Home Depot is an extremely popular and well-established company.  It provides consumers a place to purchase a virtually limitless array of home goods and equipment.

Unfortunately from time to time customers get injured while shopping at Home Depot.  There are approximately 2,200 Home Depot locations in the United States, Canada, and Mexico1.  These massive stores attract countless people each and every year.

For those unlucky enough to sustain personal injuries while visiting one of these stores, it is important you are informed so that you can make the best possible decisions for your case.

Any incident involving personal injuries sustained at a Home Depot should be reported as quickly as possible.  That way an incident report will be created that accurately details the facts of the accident. If you leave the store and fail to report the event, you can call the store and report it after the fact.

Home Depot is self-insured and generally uses Sedgwick as a third-party administrator to manage their claims.  That means they are responsible for investigating, handling, negotiating, and settling claims that are filed against Home Depot.

Following your accident you may receive a call from Sedgwick regarding your claim.  It is important to NOT provide a recorded statement when they call you.

Common personal injury claims that occur at Home Depots are slip and fall accident claims, trip and falls due to poorly placed equipment (forklifts or palettes) or merchandise.  Falling objects that are negligently shelved are another common source of injuries.

These are called premises liability or general liability cases.  Other types of accidents that may happen at Home Depots are falls in parking lots due to unreasonable amounts of snow and ice, or falls due to broken down pavement or walkways.

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