Elements of a Strong Slip and Fall Case

Some slip and fall cases are stronger than others.  Of course, even if your case is not strong, that does NOT mean you do not have a case worth pursuing.  Here are some elements that characterize a strong personal injury case:

1) Good photographs were taken which show the area of the slip and fall accident was negligently maintained;

2) There is an incident report documenting the accident;

3) Immediate medical attention is sought;

4) The injuries, as well as the amount of the medical bills, are substantial;

5) There is missed time from work following the accident;

6) There are witnesses to the accident;

7) The injury victim was not running, was not intoxicated, and was walking carefully when he/she slipped;

8) There is a surveillance video of the accident which does not hurt the injury victim's case;

9) The injury victim makes a good and credible witness;

10)   The injury victim did not give a signed or recorded statement to any insurance companies about how the accident happened.

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