Effectively Negotiating Your Massachusetts Personal Injury Claim

If you have been involved in a Massachusetts auto accident, slip and fall, dog bite, or any other kind of accident, you will need to know something about insurance adjusters and how they work.  I found the following provided by former insurance adjuster Daniel G. Baldyga which tells you some key things you should know if you are representing yourself in connection with your Massachusetts personal injury claim:

Be careful what you say and don’t sign anything If an insurance company adjuster suggests you give him your statement over the telephone, ask to meet in person. Do not dictate a statement into a tape recorder over the phone. When you first meet with the adjuster, do not agree to allow him to record your statement and do not sign any written statement. Make it clear that you will be more than willing to provide a statement after your claim has been paid.

Be prepared to question and act. If the adjuster claims you are not eligible for reimbursement of your gross wages, ask him to cite his “legal authority” for that position. Ask him to back up the claims with court decisions, legal precedents, or statutory texts in the state where the accident took place. Have in your pocket the telephone number of your state insurance commissioner or the local office. If necessary, ask that the negotiation session be temporarily stopped so that you can call the commissioner’s office with questions. It’s unlikely that you’ll have to make that call.

Understand the adjuster’s motivation. Never forget that the insurance adjuster’s goal is to save money for the company that signs his paycheck. That’s his job. He also wants to look good to his company, which means settling your claim out of court if at all possible. Be patient and remain steady in your determination to get what’s due to you. At the end of the day, it’s more likely than not that your claim will be treated fairly.