Don’t Trust A Workers Compensation Insurance Company

Don't trust a workers compensation insurance company

Injured workers call our workers compensation law office every day looking for legal help.  They are confused and unsure what they are supposed to do.  They are unsure what their workers compensation rights actually are.  Don’t trust a workers compensation insurance company to do the right thing by you.

Usually, injured employees call us because the insurance company refuses to do what they are supposed to do for the injured employee.  They may have had their claim denied by the insurance company.

It is crucial to understand that workers compensation insurance companies are in the business of making money. Like any business, that is their sole and ultimate objective.

They accomplish this goal by limiting the money they pay to deserving injured workers. That means they make sure to do everything possible to avoid paying injured workers the benefits they are rightfully owed.  They do this in numerous different ways.

Common ways insurance companies limit what they pay

  • Refusing to pay an injured worker for their lost time from work due to an on-the-job injury
  • Refusing to pay for an injured workers’ medical bills
  • Terminating or modifying an injured worker’s weekly compensation benefits even though a doctor says he/she truly is disabled from working due to a work injury
  • Sending the injured worker forms to sign which will only serve to help the insurance company limit the rights of the injured worker

There are countless other ways, including denying and delaying claims by dragging them through the court system, that insurance companies skirt on their legal obligations to injured workers.

What is the best way to counter this approach?  Hire a work injury lawyer. That way, once the insurance company tries to do something they shouldn’t be doing – which they always do and will do – your lawyer is ready to file a claim for you. Being proactive instead of reactive in this situation will ensure the best outcome for your workers comp claim.

Never let an insurance company try to take advantage of you.  Contact Boston workers compensation lawyer Chrisopher Earley today for help with your workers comp injury claim.  Fight back.

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