When You Don’t Need A Lawyer For A Car Accident

When you don't need a lawyer for a car accident

Many people following a car crash are told by family and friends to “Get a lawyer.”  For many car accident claims a lawyer is indeed needed, if not required.  But for many others a lawyer is not needed.  Here are some situations when an attorney is not needed following a car accident.

If the accident purely resulted in damage to your vehicle, and no injuries were sustained, then you will not need a lawyer.  At our law office we find that most property damage claims do not require legal representation.  These disputes between claimants and insurance companies generally work out with much difficulty.

Or, if there was for example, just one hospital visit needed following the crash, and no other medical treatment after that, then a lawyer is not needed.  But, even if there was one or two hospital visits only, but you are left with a scar from the accident, then you would want an attorney on your side to negotiate your claim for you.  We find this is the case frequently with dog bite accident claims.

For cases in which there is consistent medical treatment such as chiropractic, orthopedic, or physical therapy needed following the accident, then it would be smart to hire an auto accident lawyer.

That way, the attorney can file all necessary paperwork for you, handle all communications with the insurance company, and can successfully negotiate your claim for you.

Besides these smaller soft tissue injury cases, for cases involving broken bones, tendon tears, surgery, or any other serious injury, then a car accident lawyer is always needed.

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If you find that in your particular case that you need an attorney for a car accident, contact us today for your free consultation.  We would be pleased to provide you with a free consultation to discuss your case.