When Do You Need An Accident Lawyer?

When do you need an accident lawyer?

The aftermath of an accident can be a difficult and confusing time.  Regardless of the type of accident you suffered, you may be wondering “When do you need an accident lawyer?”  The answer really depends on a few different considerations.

The first is whether or not you were actually injured.  Suppose for example you were rear ended by another vehicle.  The driver of that vehicle is likely legally responsible for the accident, but if you were not injured in the accident, then you will not need an accident lawyer.  The reason is that there are no real damages to pursue.

On the other hand, if you did suffer injuries, and you were not at fault for the car accident, then it would be wise to hire an accident lawyer to represent you.

But, even if you were injured in an accident, but you were the sole cause of the accident, then you would not need an accident lawyer.  The reason you would not need a lawyer is because without liability, there is no valid claim to pursue.

For example, suppose you are riding a bicycle and you drive your bicycle directly into the side of a car and you sustain serious injuries.  Assume the operator of the car did nothing at all careless or negligent to cause you to crash into the car.  In that situation, there likely would be no claim to pursue, and therefore you would not need an accident lawyer.

Keep in mind though that Massachusetts has a comparative negligence rule which states you can still pursue a claim for your injuries even if you were partly at fault for causing the accident.  This comes into play frequently with slips and fall cases, and other types of premises liability claims.

Therefore, if you were injured in an accident and you were not at fault, then it makes good sense to hire an accident lawyer to go to bat for you.

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Our office strictly handles accident cases.  For some cases a lawyer is needed, and for others a lawyer is not needed.  Call us today to find out if you need an accident lawyer for your case.  The Law Office of Christopher Earley would be happy to help you if representation is needed.