The Different Roles In A Personal Injury Law Office

Most Boston personal injury law offices, like all law offices, have the same basic structure. There are some standard roles found in nearly all legal offices. Here are the different roles in a personal injury law office that you will encounter whether you have a Massachusetts slip and fall case, bicycle accident, trucking accident, or any other kind of injury claim.

Nearly every law office has administrative support staff such as receptionists and secretaries. They will chiefly be responsive for answering phone calls, performing new client intakes, photocopying, collecting records and bills, and other various tasks.

Almost all personal injury law offices have paralegals. Paralegals are required to complete a specific course of study in order to be qualified as a paralegal. Paralegals know how to perform a variety of tasks. They will frequently meet with new and existing clients, collect records and bills, put demand packages together, and may even negotiate with insurance adjusters. They cannot try go to court and argue motions and try cases in front of judges and juries. They handle generally all types of Massachusetts accident cases at both the clains stage and litigation stage. They can handle Boston car accident claims, and all other injury cases.

Personal injury lawyers are responsible for a variety of tasks. Generally, they will interact with clients, manage employees, file cases in court, handle discovery and depositions, try cases in court, etc.

Each office has it’s own unique setup of staff positions and their tasks. At the Law Office of Christopher Earley, we have assistants, paralegals, and injury attorneys. But the roles mentioned above are what you can expect to encounter to find when you hire an attorney for a personal injury case.